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The Committee

Position: Chairman

Held By: Matt Owen

Responsibilities: To guide us through the next 12mths

Additional Info: Trained First Aider

Position: Vice-Chairman

Held By: Paul Upton

Responsibilities: Support and assist the Chairman, and be in charge of the timing equipment & laptop

Position: Treasury and Secretary

Held By: Colin Buck

Responsibilities: Book-keeping, tracking club and BRCA membership.

Position: Public Relations Officer

Held By: George Carter

Responsibilities: The clubs oOple/online voice and organise the weekly club meetings booking in list.

Position: Senior Committee Member

Held By: Simon East

Responsibilities: Ensuring the tracks features remain intact.

Position: Senior Committee Member

Held By: Jason Bing-Lowe

Responsibilities: Takes the minutes at Committee Meetings.

Position: Shop Manager and Assistant

Held By: James Wingfield and Lee Henson

Responsibilities: Manage the day to day running of the shop and organiser of the Club Championship

Position: Membership Secretary

Held By: Sonial Mellett

Responsibilities: Assist Colin with Membership

Additional Info: Trained First Aider

Plus Others!